Catania, the regional capital of the homonymous providence, is the second largest city in Sicily,  and eastern Sicily’s largest industrial center. The primary center is the islands capital, Palermo.   Catania has been important setting in Sicily since the 700s CE. Not only is it the current site of the Sicilian Silicon Valley, Catania was the home to the island’s first university and a major cultural contributor during the Renaissance.  It has experienced some wear and tear with all of the travelers that have come through Sicily, and being at the base of a volcano. Continue reading “Catania”

Sicily – A Quick Primer

Siciliy is an autonomous region within Italy, the random shape being kicked by the boot of Italy.  (As the Czech ambassador recently pointed out, geography matters people.)  Of the 20 regions within Italy, Sicily is one of only six that are considered autonomous, with special privileges regarding taxes and legislative power among other things. Sicily was not part of the Italian Republic until 1860; prior to that the island was a kingdom for seven hundred years.  Continue reading “Sicily – A Quick Primer”

Il Cuoco Grosse

If you’re ever on the Ionian Sea coast in Sicily, somewhere between Giarre and Taormina, stop at Ristorante Mare Kambo.

The staff there had lots of fun with my very crude Italian.  Basically, as I sat at a table after the lunch rush, they would come by, drop the food off and hang out until I had the pronunciation of each dish correct. Plus the food was fabulous, and fresh.  How fresh? Keep scrolling you’ll see. Continue reading “Il Cuoco Grosse”