Haven’t You Ever Seen The Godfather?

Or How I Ended Up Talking to the Carabinieri

April, even late April is off season for tourists in Sicily.  Apparently, the season officially starts during the first week of May.  In Catania, this meant that the Piazza at the center of town was mostly empty.  Which was nice, because it was the first place we went, and where I started to try out my auto-didactic, learned it on the flight over Italian.  This was where we were hoping to shake off the tourist, just landed dust.  Unfortunately, what got shook down was me, or rather my pocket.  Continue reading “Haven’t You Ever Seen The Godfather?”


Catania, the regional capital of the homonymous providence, is the second largest city in Sicily,  and eastern Sicily’s largest industrial center. The primary center is the islands capital, Palermo.   Catania has been important setting in Sicily since the 700s CE. Not only is it the current site of the Sicilian Silicon Valley, Catania was the home to the island’s first university and a major cultural contributor during the Renaissance.  It has experienced some wear and tear with all of the travelers that have come through Sicily, and being at the base of a volcano. Continue reading “Catania”