Speak (or Tweet) Only If It Improves On The Silence – Gandhi

Ever get the feeling that if The Graduate were remade in 2013, instead of “plastics,” Benjamin would be told to get into “infographics.”  (And Benjamin would be played by Zach Braff, Zachary Levi or the guy from the Office.) The dialogue would go something like this: Continue reading “Speak (or Tweet) Only If It Improves On The Silence – Gandhi”

Media and Grief

Last week, on the same day, bombings occurred in Boston, Ma and across Iraq– 5,808 miles apart, but for one day they were tragically right next door to each other. The lives of three people were claimed in Boston and hundreds of others were injured; in Iraq over 50 people were killed with more than 100 wounded.

In response to the Marathon Bombing, the President interrupted his schedule to travel to Boston, attend a nationally broadcast inter/multifaith service and to speak about the event and subsequent investigation.  Iraqi president Jalal Talabani would have to have had the sum of all the powers of the Avengers to attend a service at the site of every attack in his country last week – bombs went off in 8 to 10 cities (reports varied). In the US, there was a national moment of silence; the last moment of silence I could find in Iraq happened in 2005, for victims of car bombings. Continue reading “Media and Grief”

Higher Than the Sky

The drive between Riposto and Mt Etna is roughly 43 kilometers (~27 miles) – not really as big as or as tall as the earth, but don’t tell Emmett (video above).  This distance is ‘as the crow flies’ only if the crow has been dipping into the local wine.  The road doubles back on itself in z’s going up the mountain.  For most of the drive, once you are on park land, you are driving  “higher than the sky” above the cloud line.   The temperature, in early April, goes from a balmy 70 F at sea level to in the 20s and snowy at the top of the mountain. Continue reading “Higher Than the Sky”

Haven’t You Ever Seen The Godfather?

Or How I Ended Up Talking to the Carabinieri

April, even late April is off season for tourists in Sicily.  Apparently, the season officially starts during the first week of May.  In Catania, this meant that the Piazza at the center of town was mostly empty.  Which was nice, because it was the first place we went, and where I started to try out my auto-didactic, learned it on the flight over Italian.  This was where we were hoping to shake off the tourist, just landed dust.  Unfortunately, what got shook down was me, or rather my pocket.  Continue reading “Haven’t You Ever Seen The Godfather?”