Say you find yourself in Florence for about 36 hours. Art, architecture, gardens, libraries and specialty shopping abound in what National Geographic calls a “city-size shrine to the Renaissance.”    A city with Roman origins that flourished during the Middle Ages, Florence, “the Athens of the Middle Ages” has been ruled by Medici, served as the capital of the Kingdom of Italy and continues to serve as the capital of Tuscany and the providence of Florence. It is a majestic city lying in the basin of the Arno and three other rivers between seven hills – Rome has nothing on this place. Continue reading “Firenze”

A new twist on locative gastronomy

fieldtripFor the last year, I’ve been working with the International Institute of Buffalo,whose mission is twofold: to provide critical services to refugees and immigrants and promote global understanding and connections in Western New York, on creating a map of restaurants in the city.  At first, we were creating a map of restaurants started by those emigres/immigrants with connections to The Institute.   But then, the list of international food providers and restaurants serving foods from many different cultures grew to be even more inclusive.  Continue reading “A new twist on locative gastronomy”

May you be well every year.

Pippa the Partyplanner, in her regular column for Waitrose – a British lifestyle magazine , has been hitting on several cultural events/holidays.  Her first “Friday Night Feast” was Asian themed in time for the Chinese new year, and one column was Wimbledon based – let the people have their Pimms! Presumably, her July column covered Bastille Day. Despite coming under criticism for the column, the editor of Waitrose has compared her to Yotam Ottolenghi, the Cordon Bleu trained chef and author of Jerusalem, the cookbook. Continue reading “May you be well every year.”

Il Cuoco Grosse

If you’re ever on the Ionian Sea coast in Sicily, somewhere between Giarre and Taormina, stop at Ristorante Mare Kambo.

The staff there had lots of fun with my very crude Italian.  Basically, as I sat at a table after the lunch rush, they would come by, drop the food off and hang out until I had the pronunciation of each dish correct. Plus the food was fabulous, and fresh.  How fresh? Keep scrolling you’ll see. Continue reading “Il Cuoco Grosse”