If There Is a Snow Storm in Buffalo . . .

a “local area” politician is saying something not very erudite to the press. (Local area, yep – this is the place where a shopping center is referred to as the Galleria Mall. Redundancy abounds in the vernacular.)

Lake Effect Snow, courtesy of Imgur (http://imgur.com/a/VDmZx#hOjH1yU)
Lake Effect Snow, courtesy of Imgur (http://imgur.com/a/VDmZx#hOjH1yU)

Previously, the record was held by the Honorable Jimmy Griffin, famous for two gaffs.  Interviewed during a snow storm while in Buffalo, Griffin went on tv to tell people to wait it out in style.  His advice: “Wait it out with a six-pack of beer and a football game.”  ‘Cause all good storms come to an end.

A separate storm had him on NPR, from Florida, talking about how Buffalonians are prepared for snowstorms and ready to wait it out.  This time, his suggestion was that the good people of Buffalo would be fine, since they could stay inside and “drink a bottle of chabliss.”  Yes, two syllables, chab and bliss. Continue reading “If There Is a Snow Storm in Buffalo . . .”

Bigger than the NFL

‘Whoopin’.’ Even the promo for Starz new Lebron James collaborative show Survivor’s Remorse alludes to it. The numbers have been crunched (most impressively, by the NPR and FiveThirtyEight ) and the only thing noted is that spanking and whoopin’ are culturally acceptable in some parts of the country, and the practice is legal in almost every state. Texas even has guidelines on what is acceptable bruising and is not (apparently, any welt that stays around for over an hour could be construed as child abuse, anything that dissipates under an hour, you’re good, cause hey, by the time that kid is in therapy, you won’t be paying for it.) Continue reading “Bigger than the NFL”

Meryl Streep Crying in Five Different Accents

If I’m not going to be able to do an hour of stand-up, do not revive.

Even all the plastic surgery in the world can not stop time.  Joan Rivers, a revolutionary/pioneering comedienne and snarkmeister, died today at age 81. Complications from a medical procedure caused cardiac arrest and a coma from which she could not be revived.

Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.

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The Times Behind the Style

The New York Times has discovered that some women, of the Islamic faith, wear hijabs,  head coverings. And not only that, but these women want to be stylish while decorous and modest as indicated by the constructs of their cultures. Which just goes to show, if it’s in the Times’ style coverage, it ain’t exactly breaking news. Just read any of New York Magazine’s coverage of this ‘style’ coverage. The Cut, NYMag’s fashion blog, slices and dices with sarcasm and irony that will curl your toes. Continue reading “The Times Behind the Style”

Dude, where’s your powerpoint?

Supposed General James Miller.
Supposed General James Miller.

I got a Facebook friend request from someone claiming to be 4 Star General James Miller (pictured left).  A couple of things tipped me off that this was fishy.  The profile, and its url,  (https://www.facebook.com/iteke.irene) indicates that this was not at all what it adds up to be.  I might not know much about the armed forces beyond what I pick up through various media (and ok, the odd romance novel), and I might not be the bear with the biggest brain out there, but I did spend a train ride from NYC to Syracuse next to a guy from the 10th Mountain, stationed at Fort Drum in the Adirondacks.  He seemed Smart (yep, capital S smart) and it was a 6 hour train ride. I had to pick something up along the way. Continue reading “Dude, where’s your powerpoint?”