If There Is a Snow Storm in Buffalo . . .

a “local area” politician is saying something not very erudite to the press. (Local area, yep – this is the place where a shopping center is referred to as the Galleria Mall. Redundancy abounds in the vernacular.)

Lake Effect Snow, courtesy of Imgur (http://imgur.com/a/VDmZx#hOjH1yU)
Lake Effect Snow, courtesy of Imgur (http://imgur.com/a/VDmZx#hOjH1yU)

Previously, the record was held by the Honorable Jimmy Griffin, famous for two gaffs.  Interviewed during a snow storm while in Buffalo, Griffin went on tv to tell people to wait it out in style.  His advice: “Wait it out with a six-pack of beer and a football game.”  ‘Cause all good storms come to an end.

A separate storm had him on NPR, from Florida, talking about how Buffalonians are prepared for snowstorms and ready to wait it out.  This time, his suggestion was that the good people of Buffalo would be fine, since they could stay inside and “drink a bottle of chabliss.”  Yes, two syllables, chab and bliss. Continue reading “If There Is a Snow Storm in Buffalo . . .”

10,000 Sonic Tragically Barenaked Dolls vs One Spice Queen Madness

The first of a two part series examining the concept of a bi-national Olympic bid between the Western New York region and Southeast Ontario was recently published by Saving Cities. This first segment looks at the attractiveness of the region as hosts for the Summer Olympics, as well as the affordances a bid could offer the region.  The second part looks at why this bi-national bid may not work out.  As one security expert phrased it – “it’s an effing logistical nightmare.”  Another expert estimates that there are no less than 7 agencies on each side working on security and border regulation, let alone the other logistics to be worked out.  (Spoiler, it would still be a huge economic boost for the area to at least put the bid in.) Continue reading “10,000 Sonic Tragically Barenaked Dolls vs One Spice Queen Madness”