Primus inter pares

In September, Scots will vote whether or not to separate the United Kingdom.  Currently, the full name of the largest sovereign state in Queen Elizabeth’s Commonwealth realm of 16 countries is: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Come October, it could be something like ‘The United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland but not that place to the North’ with the secession of the nation of Scotland.  A sovereign state is, in the condensed version, a geographic location under the authority of a centralized government recognized by international law and treaties.   The UN recognizes 195 independent sovereign states. Continue reading “Primus inter pares”

10,000 Sonic Tragically Barenaked Dolls vs One Spice Queen Madness

The first of a two part series examining the concept of a bi-national Olympic bid between the Western New York region and Southeast Ontario was recently published by Saving Cities. This first segment looks at the attractiveness of the region as hosts for the Summer Olympics, as well as the affordances a bid could offer the region.  The second part looks at why this bi-national bid may not work out.  As one security expert phrased it – “it’s an effing logistical nightmare.”  Another expert estimates that there are no less than 7 agencies on each side working on security and border regulation, let alone the other logistics to be worked out.  (Spoiler, it would still be a huge economic boost for the area to at least put the bid in.) Continue reading “10,000 Sonic Tragically Barenaked Dolls vs One Spice Queen Madness”