Fierce Mulligan

Remember the SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) in college?   He was probably a biology major with a minor in religion or women’s studies, played Ultimate Frisbee, respected the earth and wore flannel, lots and lots of flannel.   Ahh, the joys of the liberal arts college. Then there was the Red Bull drinking, effing striped shirt wearing MBA or MBA wannabe.  To the right person, he too was probably appealing.  And then there was the Metrosexual, the reason Mark Jacobs is launching a men’s makeup line.  A man who understands that sometimes women know what they are doing, that spas are relaxing and that working out has surface benefits as well as long term health benefits. These are guys who will go to an art opening or watch Real Housewives over a sporting event, because they are that comfortable in their metrosexuality. Following closely on the well-shod heels of the metrosexual is the hipster, but with tighter jeans legs and more irony.  Men should never wear jeggings, even ironically. Continue reading “Fierce Mulligan”

So this happened

MSNBC's concept of NEw York State - what it's all upstate anyways?
MSNBC’s concept of New York State . What, it’s all upstate anyway?

This happened on MCNBC’s Martin Bashir’s show Tuesday night.  It looks like the intern either has never left Manhattan, except for the MSNBC other office in same place as CNBC in New Jersey (and then only to be totally surprised that not everyone looks like Snooki or JWowwwwwwww) or its all part of a DHS and DoD effort to completely misinform terrorists on where POTUS is going to be. Continue reading “So this happened”

The Biographizers

Lauren Green, on Fox News during her discussion with Reza Aslan, mentioned to preposterous idea of a democrat promoting democracy by writing about a republican.  The badly done infographic (the good version has disappeared, I’ll be recreating it this weekend) below lists a random grouping of Republican Presidents from the most famous (Lincoln) to the un-famous (Coolidge), based on the top three rated books on Amazon, and a look at who wrote them. Continue reading “The Biographizers”

Fantastic Fail at Fox

One of the things I really appreciate about being a journalist is that you can cover many different topics.  I’ve covered random things from pee-wee sports to international development to eyebrows to recovering lost pets.  Yes, when you pay your dues you have a strict beat – the school board, a certain neighborhood, a losing hockey team in the third poorest city in the country.

But after a while your beat grows into a Dave Brubeck covered by Miles Davis jazz riff, rather than the metronomic dictation of death by excel.  If you get high enough up the journalism food chain, your beat becomes a very vague or large concept, like my brother’s – which is parts of MENA or, say, religion. As of 2010, 84 percent of the world’s population (5.8 billion people) was religiously affiliated, mainly divided among 8 groups which included Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindi, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and others, including indigenous faiths.[1] Continue reading “Fantastic Fail at Fox”

The Good Wife/Bad Woman?

She’s got a name for headlines, and her politician husband a strange knack for keeping them in the limelight.  No , no time machine flashback, not Hillary, but her former aide de camp – Huma Adebin.  The Humanity, the Humaliation, the Humar of Wiener’s Wee-Wee-peat – the list could go on and on, but surprisingly, even the UK’s Daily Mail has been circumspect with “Huma Adebin Faces Backlash For Standing By Her Man.” This from a paper that has called Pippa Middleton’s 34b’s lolling and sagging, clearly not known for its restraint.  The New York Post, also not a harbinger of tact and decorum, went with “Pained Huma Backs Husband, Marriage.” A blog for New York Magazine went with “No Longer Flawless, Huma’s Been Humanized.” Ironically, Harper’s Bazaar, in an article penned by Adebin and printed previous to Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, opted for “The Good Wife.” Continue reading “The Good Wife/Bad Woman?”