The Biographizers

Lauren Green, on Fox News during her discussion with Reza Aslan, mentioned to preposterous idea of a democrat promoting democracy by writing about a republican.  The badly done infographic (the good version has disappeared, I’ll be recreating it this weekend) below lists a random grouping of Republican Presidents from the most famous (Lincoln) to the un-famous (Coolidge), based on the top three rated books on Amazon, and a look at who wrote them.

Dark Blue marks democrats, light blue marks those who are probably Liberal/democratic, based on the media found about them, the organizations they are associated with, and where they have spoken, green are independent and red are conservative/republicans.  No color means that not enough information was available to assess their affiliation.

PresidentThe Simpson’s mediocre Presidents, as presented on Youtube.  I’m not sure Eisenhower or Truman belong on the list, nor Hoover – he’s been immortalized in Annie, school girls everywhere know how bad his fiscal policies were.

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