Tom Waits and Book Titles

Books I might, someday, write.  And fun with Spotify.

  1. Paris Is Not A Good City For Women In Love Named George (What, it’s a romance?!?!)
  2. Tom Waits Taught Me Everything I Need to Know about Love
      • Anywhere I Lay My Head
      • Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You
      • I Want You
      • The Piano Has Been Drinking
      • Please Call Me, Baby
      • Picture In A Frame
      • Martha
      • Long Way Home

  3. The Tau of Bill Murray
  4. The Space Between You and Me
  5. To Be Hale & Hearty – a history of The Great Lakes and Alcohol.
  6. On Whiskey Alley – this is the street listed on my grandmother’s birth certificate, not sure what happened there, but it had to be good, with a name like that.

One thought on “Tom Waits and Book Titles

  1. laura when will you right your book? Seriously, I love reading what you write, but the blogs aren’t enough and never long enough.

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