Cue Jimmy Durante (A Gift Guide)

Make (Bono) Happy, Just Make (Bono) Happy.

It is gift giving time. When people are faced with the oh so pleasant thought of buying a ton of stuff that may sit widely unused.  Like those sweaters that are knits only Bill Cosby could love. Why not try something different this year, and make sure your spending goes a little further, and has a greater return.  Ideally, it is an endless return –  the coolness of making someone smile, or feel like you know who they are combined the return of knowing any gift you give has larger impact combined with the impact of the gift.  Consider:

  • According to UNICEF and the WHO, 783 BILLION people in the world have no ready access to safe drinking water.
  • 85.4 percent of the world’s population lives in developing or underdeveloped economies.
  • Residents of more than 80 countries in the world live in conditions of either conflict or disaster, according to the UNDP.
  • John McPhee is not dead – save long form journalism. Continue reading “Cue Jimmy Durante (A Gift Guide)”