A Glimpse of the Journos Life Abroad

Cairo and The Nile

In December,  bunch of journos in Cairo had security training. Not a bad idea for people who have spent months on end as guests of Qaddafi, and have phone conversations along the lines of “No, the flack jackets should go to Syria and the armor cars should go to Libya,” while teaching their sons to ride bicycles.  (The next statement was, “Alexander, pedal with both feet – it works better.”)

The person teaching the class was a former cage fighter, “Seal Team Six” kind of guy – who apparently ran into a little bit of trouble after the class, as reported on The Kirkpatrick Boys, a blog about my (extraordinarily cute and intelligent) nephews and their escapades in The Victorious City, written by the wife of the NYTimes Bureau Chief. The instructor recounts the incident in a casual, humdallah kind of way (some editing of original text was done for ease of reading):

It wasn’t much really, mate – after I left you guys I went back to the hotel.  Chilled out for a couple of hours then decided to go for some food. Plus I didn’t realize the back of the hotel ran right by the Nile so took the long route back. There was a youth asking to clean shoes etc. I said no thanks.  He asked me for money.

Being the person I am I was aware someone was now behind me also. So I played it sensible and gave a small amount then he asked for more. When I said no, one grabbed me the other stabbed me with what could only be described as a sharpening steel. I disarmed him after being stabbed and gave him his weapon back (straight into the upper shoulder). The other one I still had hold of and subsequently dislocated his left arm.
Not much to tell really. Glad you had a great day and I hope you learn a lot.  . . .
Oh by the way the police said ” they’ll look into it”. Lol.
Cheers mate. Stay safe.”

  1. Of all the men in Cairo, the would be thieves thought the instructor was an easy mark?
  2. Mental note to self – never fight with your brother again. He may have retained some of this guy’s training.  Not that I get close, he’s been able to do the older sibling straight arm since he was 12.

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