Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Chapel

Weddings are awesome – celebrating someone you care about finding, in some form, The One or at least a perennial holiday date.  Especially participating as a guest – no pressure on giving a toast, making sure other people have good times or any of the other duties of a party member.  The downside of guestdom is the quest to look good at a wedding. I’m still not sure why this is more pressure than other parties, but maybe it’s the people taking all the pictures or the rare chance to get dressed up.  Or maybe it is just the whole happy celebration vibe of the event.  You want to look and feel good, because it’s such a great – and huge- day in peoples lives. A good friend was married this Sunday at St Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York.  The church, located in Soho on the corner of Mulberry and Prince, is the site of The City’s first Cathedral Church. Built in 1809, it precedes adaption of the Commissioners Plan for expansion of New York to encompass all of Manhattan.  At its apex, it was at the center of Manhattan. Continue reading “Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Chapel”