Trademark, Meh

Forever 21 in the Maadi mall.

Apparently, in light of country’s strapped economic situation, Egypt ended up with counterfeit gear and wear for their Olympic athletes. The head of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, General  Mahmoud Ahmed Ali, and his colleagues felt the cost of kitting out all 112 athletes plus the coaches, trainers and doctors accompanying the athletes in authentic gear to be too high, and went with a Chinese distributor to procure knockoff goods.  And not even high quality, backroom in a shop on Canal St knockoffs either – the gear bags have both Nike and Adidas logos on them. (AP/Yahoo) Continue reading “Trademark, Meh”

Conduct Unbecoming an Inner Goddess

I have not read E L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey for lots of reasons. Despite the first person narrative of way too many posts on this blog, I dislike books written in the first person.[1] And based on the excerpts I have read (because I was curious, and some of the smartest women I know have read this book) Anastasia Steele Grey’s inner manic meta-being is just too exhausting (two halves of which are presented by her Inner Goddess and her half moon glasses wearing Subconscious, which unlike the IG, doesn’t get to pant along in post-climatic afterglow) and exhaustingly stupid, as is James incorrect use of “metaphorically,” “figuratively,” and her overall abuse of poor Icarus.  You are hang gliding, dumbass, not flying into the sun.  IHOP is not Mount Olympus. [2]  Continue reading “Conduct Unbecoming an Inner Goddess”

Watching Sesame Street in Egypt

I had been trying to find a way to express the coolness of Sesame Street – the Workshop has released both Sesame Street episodes and Electric Company episodes (complete with Bill Cosby and sweaters!) basically from inception to current episodes. While in Egypt last year, we were able to watch a lot of both.  It was an incredible experience to watch Emmett, then not quite 3, connect with something so wholeheartedly American and be able to find also episodes of the Arabic broadcast Alam Simsim and Shara’a SimSim (the Palestinian broadcast) on YouTube.  The Sesame Street Workshop produces versions of the show that are broadcast in over 140 countries around the world. Continue reading “Watching Sesame Street in Egypt”