Trademark, Meh

Forever 21 in the Maadi mall.

Apparently, in light of country’s strapped economic situation, Egypt ended up with counterfeit gear and wear for their Olympic athletes. The head of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, General  Mahmoud Ahmed Ali, and his colleagues felt the cost of kitting out all 112 athletes plus the coaches, trainers and doctors accompanying the athletes in authentic gear to be too high, and went with a Chinese distributor to procure knockoff goods.  And not even high quality, backroom in a shop on Canal St knockoffs either – the gear bags have both Nike and Adidas logos on them. (AP/Yahoo)

The General, in speaking with Al Ahram:

“We bought the clothing from a Nike agent. You can never tell the difference between the original and the fake ones. All Nike products in the Egyptian Market are made in China. They all have the same logo. How can you know?”

His other response – Nike should go after, even sue, the Chinese manufacturer.  The Cultural Minister’s response – Ali will be questioned about this.

China manufacturing is getting a lot of play – first Ralph Lauren’s All American outfits and now this – with the Olympics.

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