Crazy Show for the End of Fashion Week Today?

Check out this write up of Marc Jacobs show, one of the last ones of the 2015 resort collection shown in New York City this week.  The intensely military theme, down to reducing some of the prettiest women in the world to all looking (spectacularly) alike.    If you’ve got free time, flip through the slideshow and see if you can spot Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

It’s a crazy combination of pink and militaristic, and an odd theme to choice for the second week in September.






Qareful with your ps and qs

I was recently outed for the way I wrote a cursive Q. Cursive is a waning skill, as it is not part of the common core curriculum, and, thus, also on its way to becoming a class issue; If you know cursive you probably attended private, parochial school or a foreign school system. I went to parochial school during the learning-to-write period, and so, my uppercase Q’s resemble the child from a union between an upper case L and the number 2.   The bottom loops like an L, with an air pocket to the left and a flourish to the right. The top is the top of a 2, with the hook facing left instead of the right of an L hook. Continue reading “Qareful with your ps and qs”

Amazeballs word noobs, especially for Scrabble-ites

The Friendly Anchorage off the bow of my recreational kayak.
The Friendly Anchorage off the bow of a recreational kayak.

Te, frenemie, bromance, selfie – those are just a few  among the plethora of new words added to the latest edition of Merriam Webster’s Official Scrabble Dictionary. Added to that, among the 5,000 new words, were those of the digital age, such as hashtag, vlog, texter and geocache. Geocahe was apparently big-brothered in by voters this spring. Just as an update, ok is still not ok.

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Primus inter pares

In September, Scots will vote whether or not to separate the United Kingdom.  Currently, the full name of the largest sovereign state in Queen Elizabeth’s Commonwealth realm of 16 countries is: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Come October, it could be something like ‘The United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland but not that place to the North’ with the secession of the nation of Scotland.  A sovereign state is, in the condensed version, a geographic location under the authority of a centralized government recognized by international law and treaties.   The UN recognizes 195 independent sovereign states. Continue reading “Primus inter pares”