Catching Up


You may notice on onslaught of posts coming in the next few days.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and I apparently left all the posts sitting in the draft section.

The good news is that Bright Buffalo Niagara (an entrepreneurial and economic development vehicle that I have worked on) had its forum the second week in June, and it was a success.  Press from around the Great Lakes covered the event, and investors thought that there was new energy in Buffalo.

Additionally, Saving Cities interviewed people in Buffalo about possible ways to redevelop and re energize the Great Lakes region.  Basically, this means I got to sit around with other people who only laughed and didn’t roll their eyes when I said the term “Great Lakes Megalopolis.”  But the interviews are part of their effort – Red, White and Blueprints – to document the various cities in the Rust Belt and how they are redefining themselves within 21st century economic constraints.  Cleveland, Buffalo and Beyond! I’ll post updates here as I have them on the initaitve.



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