Ay Caramba, I-Kiribati, Oy Vey

VOX recently published a map identifying the richest person and largest company in each European country. In The Netherlands and France, the richest person is a woman; Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken of Heineken breweries, the largest company and the world’s third largest brewery for the Dutch and for France,  L’Oreal and daughter of its founder, Liliane Bettencourt. In Ireland, these honors go to Palloonji Mistry, chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji Group. Continue reading “Ay Caramba, I-Kiribati, Oy Vey”

Qareful with your ps and qs

I was recently outed for the way I wrote a cursive Q. Cursive is a waning skill, as it is not part of the common core curriculum, and, thus, also on its way to becoming a class issue; If you know cursive you probably attended private, parochial school or a foreign school system. I went to parochial school during the learning-to-write period, and so, my uppercase Q’s resemble the child from a union between an upper case L and the number 2.   The bottom loops like an L, with an air pocket to the left and a flourish to the right. The top is the top of a 2, with the hook facing left instead of the right of an L hook. Continue reading “Qareful with your ps and qs”

Amazeballs word noobs, especially for Scrabble-ites

The Friendly Anchorage off the bow of my recreational kayak.
The Friendly Anchorage off the bow of a recreational kayak.

Te, frenemie, bromance, selfie – those are just a few  among the plethora of new words added to the latest edition of Merriam Webster’s Official Scrabble Dictionary. Added to that, among the 5,000 new words, were those of the digital age, such as hashtag, vlog, texter and geocache. Geocahe was apparently big-brothered in by voters this spring. Just as an update, ok is still not ok.

Continue reading “Amazeballs word noobs, especially for Scrabble-ites”

The Times Behind the Style

The New York Times has discovered that some women, of the Islamic faith, wear hijabs,  head coverings. And not only that, but these women want to be stylish while decorous and modest as indicated by the constructs of their cultures. Which just goes to show, if it’s in the Times’ style coverage, it ain’t exactly breaking news. Just read any of New York Magazine’s coverage of this ‘style’ coverage. The Cut, NYMag’s fashion blog, slices and dices with sarcasm and irony that will curl your toes. Continue reading “The Times Behind the Style”